GermGuardian Air Purifiers

germguardian air purifiers

GermGuardian makes many different models of air purifiers.

Although there’s many different models, sometimes the differences between different models are very subtle.

In this guide we’re first going to go over all the most popular units, the most important features of all these units, how they compare with each other, and how they compare to top rated units.

Then we’re going to go over models that are very similar to these most popular units.

Finally, we’re going to go over GermGuardian’s full size air purifier offerings (even though they mostly make units in the tower form factor they do make a few units that feature a traditional design).

The three most popular GermGuardian air purifiers on the market today

1. AC4100

  • CFM around 70, 80
  • HEPA filter
  • Carbon prefilter – fiber material coated with carbon
  • 3 fan speeds – low, med, high
  • Retails for around 50 to 60


The AC4100 is a super small air purifier that we do not recommend mostly because it just doesn’t have enough CFM for any reasonably sized room.

2. AC4825

  • Filter type B
  • CFM 130 to 140 (approx.)
  • HEPA filter
  • Carbon prefilter – fiber material coated with carbon
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Approx. $80   

Note: also comes in white version with exact same model no.


Can work in small rooms up to 150 sq. ft. although larger units with more CFM will provide much quieter operation in the same size space (small room) with better energy efficiency and better filtration quality.

3. AC4300BPTCA (AC4300 PET is the same model)

  • Filter type Bpet
  • CFM approx. 120
  • HEPA filter (white fibrous material on one side of HEPA – this type of “filter” is a prefilter on some units)
  • Carbon prefilter – fiber material coated with carbon
  • 3 fan speeds, no extra settings (other than UV)
  • Approx. $100


Can work in small rooms up to 150 sq. ft. but the AC4825 at a lower initial cost and with cheaper filters is the better option. Either unit is not recommended over a top rated larger air purifier.

Recommendation Summary

For the super small AC4100 we don’t recommend it period.

These last two units can certainly work in smaller rooms up to 150 sq. ft. but you’ll need to run them on maximum settings.

Top rated units have about double the output and aren’t that much more expensive. A top rated unit is going to have about 250 CFM of output which means you can run it in rooms up to 300 sq. ft. and you can also run it in smaller rooms on lower settings.

On these lower settings it’s going to have much better energy efficiency and make much less noise than these two GermGuardian units.

Thus, top rated units are our recommendation over these GermGuardian units for both large and small rooms alike.

Units similar to AC4100

1. AC4900CA – bigger more powerful AC4100

  • Filter type B
  • Approx. $80
  • Looks similar but is taller than the AC4100 with a knob at the top (vs bottom for AC4100)
  • About 120 CFM (112 pollen CADR)
  • Same height and filter type as AC4825 – 22 in. tall with filter type B.
  • Same carbon pre-filter, HEPA filter, 3 fan speeds, no extras other than UV (UV in top back compartment like AC4825)


It’s really a toss-up between the AC4900 and the AC4825. The AC4825 does have slightly more output but it’s really slight – 120 CFM here vs 130 to 140 CFM for the AC4825.

Between these two, go with the model that’s the better price when you’re ready to buy.

We recommend a top rated air purifier over either GermGuardian model.

2. AC4150BLCA – night light version of AC4100

  • Looks very similar to the AC4100 – same knob at bottom front of unit, similar grille, similar size - but blue color (instead of silver) and night light projector on top of unit that projects lights.
  • CADR is 60 dust, 68 pollen, 35 smoke which is slightly different than the AC4300 but still too little.


Same as what we said about the AC4300 applies here. This unit simply has too little output.

Our recommendation is that you purchase a night light separately. Using this unit as an air purifier really won’t do much unless the room is very small (less than 100 sq. ft.).

Units similar to AC4825

1. AC5250PT - bigger slightly better AC4825 (with different UV)

  • Filter type C
  • Approx. $120
  • Looks very similar to the AC4825 with about 10 more CFM  - (128 pollen CADR vs 118 pollen CADR for AC4825)
  • But it’s taller – 28 in. tall compared to 22 in. tall for the AC4825
  • Features a digital display with buttons vs a knob with no display in the AC4825
  • Also has a timer which the AC4825 does not have in addition to 5 fan speeds compared to the AC4825’s 3 fan speeds
  • All of this makes it about $40 more expensive than the AC4825
  • Perhaps the biggest difference here is the fact that this unit implements the UV light much better than the AC4825. It actually runs down the length of the back of the unit which is much better than it being up in a top compartment like it is with the AC4825. As we go over in our guide for UV air purifiers, you don’t need to kill germs to filter them, but if you really want to buy a unit with a UV light to kill germs nonetheless, this is a much better option than the AC4825.


We don’t value UV lights so we would still recommend the AC4825 over the AC5250.

The AC5250 is not at all worth an increase in price over the AC4825. An only marginal increase in output, a few extra fan speeds, a timer, an a better implemented UV light are not worth the extra cost over the AC4825.

2. AC5000 - just a bigger AC4825 (with different UV light)

  • Filter type C
  • Approx. $120
  • Identical to AC5250 in terms of output (identical CADR to AC5250) and size
  • But same control panel as AC4825 (manual knob with 3 fan speeds)
  • So it’s just a slightly bigger ever so slightly more powerful AC4825

Note: also has lengthwise UV – both the AC5000 and AC5350PT use same replacement bulb


Again, not at all worth the increase in price (marginal increase in output) over the AC4825.

Units similar to AC4300

1. AC5350B - bigger and better AC4300 (same UV light)

  • Filter type C
  • UV light still in upper compartment
  • As the AC5250PT is to the AC4825
  • So is the AC5350B to the AC4300BPTCA
  • Looks very similar to the AC4300 with about 10 more CFM (other unit’s pollen CADR is 116. This one is 127)
  • Again, this unit taller – 28 vs 22 in.
  • Features a digital display while AC4300 does not – both have buttons though
  • Also has a timer which the AC4300 does not have in addition to 5 fan speeds compared to the AC4300’s 3 fan speeds
  • With these units – those similar to AC4300 - you don’t get a different UV light: still in a top compartment

Note: AC5350W is white version


Not at all worth increase in price – marginal increase in output and extra fan speeds, timer not worth extra cost.

2. AC5300B – just a bigger AC4300 (same UV light)

As the AC5000 is to the AC4825
So is the AC5300B is to the AC4300BPTCA

  • Filter type C
  • Approx. $120
  • Identical size and output to that of the AC5350 – identical CFM (Identical CADR to AC5350 – 108, 114, 127)
  • But same control panel as AC4300 - one button for 3 fan speeds with LEDs and one UV button


Not at all worth increase in price – marginal increase in output, otherwise the same.

Full size GermGuardian air purifiers

1. AC5900WCA – full size unit

  • Filter type J
  • Approx. $180 to 230
  • Full size air purifier like top rated units (Winix 5500-2, Coway Mighty) but with UV light
  • Carbon coated fiber prefilter – but better quality than AC4825 (no washable pre-filter)
  • Air moves through air purifier first through carbon pre-filter and then through HEPA filter
  • Timer for 1, 2, 4, 8 hrs
  • 3 fan speeds
  • No extra modes, no ionizer
  • CADR is 220 dust, 215 pollen, 218 smoke which equates to approx. 230 CFM


Not a bad air purifier, BUT at its price we would recommend a top rated unit instead. The Coway (at approx. same price) and Winix (lower price) both have slightly more output as well.

AC9200WCA – more powerful full size unit

  • Filter type H
  • Approx. $300
  • Full size air purifier like AC5900 with UV light
  • CADR of 216 dust, 265 pollen, 216 smoke gives 270 to 280 approx. CFM
  • Air moves through air purifier first through washable pre-filter, then through the HEPA filter, and then through the carbon filter
  • The carbon is actual pellets in honeycomb plastic (like the Winix 5500-2)
  • 3 fan speeds, timer for 2 or 4 hours only settings


Again, not a bad air purifier BUT at this price we would recommend a single top rated for much less or two Winix 5500-2s if you need additional CFM (output) for larger rooms.

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