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Rabbit Air makes two different air purifiers:

  • The BioGS 2.0 and
  • The MinusA2

Each model above does have several submodels but these are the two main models.

BioGS 2.0

The BioGS 2.0 features two submodels

  • The BioGS 550A and
  • The BioGS 625A

The 550A and 625A are nearly identical. They have exactly the same design with identical size and weight. The only difference between them is output. The 550A outputs at approx. 170 CFM while the 625A outputs at approx. 190 CFM.

The BioGS 2.0 features a non-traditional design and aesthetic. The inlet is only on the sides and front bottom of the air purifier. The outlet is on the back forming a U shape.

Other units on the market – normally have a front grille and an outlet on the top pointing straight up.

Despite its modern design the method by which it purifies air is exactly the same as most other air purifiers on the market. A HEPA filter is employed for particle filtration and an activated carbon filter is used for gas filtration.

It’s of special note that this model’s carbon filter does feature activated carbon pellets instead of a thin coated fiber. However, the same type of pellet based carbon filter can be had in the Winix 5500-2 for less than half the price. The Winix also has a higher output at approx. 250 CFM making it the clear choice over either BioGS 2.0 model.

Why the high price? Two things:

1. This model is very well made with very high quality parts and materials. For example, it employs a brushless motor for its fan. The same cannot be said for most other air purifiers on the market.

2. Its modern design and aesthetic.

Are these two things enough of a reason to pick the BioGS 2.0 over other top rated models on the market? Our opinion is that it’s not.


The MinusA2 features three submodels

  • The 700A,
  • The 780A, and
  • The 780N

The 700A has slightly lower output than both 780 models. The 780N features wireless functionality (in this case “N” likely stands for “Network”) while the 780A does not.


Submodel // Approx. CFM
700A // 180
780A // 210
780N // 210

The MinusA2 features a rectangular design and is relatively thin. With a wall kit available this unit can be installed on a wall – something that cannot be said for almost all other air purifiers on the market. All three submodels feature this identical design and wall mounting capability.

Other unique features include

  • 5 fans speeds

    most other units on the market feature 4 or less. More fan speeds allow for greater control of noise output vs CFM.

  • Additional filters

    the MinusA2 features two additional filters that you won’t see on most other air purifiers on the market:

    • a medium filter

      think of this as in-between a pre-filter and a HEPA filter. It traps particles larger than 1 micron according to the manufacturer.

    • a customizable filter

      you can choose up to four different customizable filters to install between the unit’s HEPA filter and carbon filter. Options include a “Germ Defense”, “Toxin Absorber”, “Pet Allergy”, and “Odor Remover” filter. We chose an “Odor Remover” filter for our test unit. The filter was simply an additional activated carbon filter. This gave the unit two carbon filters in total. The carbon customizable filter – a thin fiber filter coated with carbon – and a proper carbon filter with carbon pellets.

The MinusA2 is expensive, normally retailing for over $500. Is it worth it? Yes, and no.

Certainly not for the extra filters or fan speeds. Top rated units provide a sufficient number of fan speeds and sufficient filtration.

The 700A and 780A are generally not recommended. The 780N is worth a look if you’re looking for

  • a wall mountable air purifier and
  • a high quality aesthetically pleasing air purifier and
  • a unit that features smart functionality – that can be controlled wirelessly via an app

See here for our full review.

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